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This is the first time I have had two in diapers.  Although my two older boys are a mere 20 months apart, I managed to potty train my oldest shortly after my middle son was born.  Now my youngest two are a completely different story!  My baby is 3 months old and my toddler just turned 19 months.  Having four kids, I have limited time to potty train and so decided to wait on getting him onto the potty seat.

When I first received the Seventh Generation diapers and wipes I was really excited!  I have always had that mommy complex where I like to make things from scratch and I like to stay as close to natural as possible.  If I had a chance, trust me I would have given cloth diapering a try, but I am not a fan of normal laundry so that meant the end of my cloth diaper dreams.

Opening the Seventh Generation diapers, I had to get rid of my initial reactions.  The diapers I received were for my newest little one and to be honest, she could care less what I put her in.  From what I could tell, she couldn’t tell the difference between the Seventh Generation and my normal diaper.  Visually, these diapers are lacking the same “finesse” of all the others kinds I’ve tried. They are however, very gender neutral.  Let’s face it, they are brown with out the fun characters that the competitors have.  This didn’t bother me in the least.  Actually, it always felt a little silly putting my little girl in blue polka dot diapers.  In the end, these are vessels for pee and poo, so I wouldn’t really care if it were covered in diamonds.  It’s. a. diaper.

So, here is where you ask the most important question:  “How were they?”

I can, through many trials of exploding poop and about a gallon of pee, say they work just fine.  I know you were probably expecting something like, “Wow, these were phenomenal!” or “These were terrible!”  But, compared to my regular diapers, I was actually satisfied with Seventh Generation.  I only experienced one blow out, but that was due to my own fault and not the diaper itself. Although I do miss that baby powdery smell that some diapers have, I can most assuredly trade more environmentally sound diapers for a smell.  And lets face it, I’m not too lazy to put baby powder on my little girls booty if I really wanted that smell back.

I was also able to use Seventh Generation’s wipes.  I was so grateful for these, because I was running pretty low on wipes.  As a mom of four, I use wipes a little too often!  I am not so much a fan of the thickness of these wipes and consciously make a choice to buy thinner wipes.  However, I learned wipe thickness preference is merely a matter of opinion, as my sister (who often changes my kiddos diapers) and I have discussed.  She prefers the thickness of Seventh Generation wipes, feeling like one somehow can handle bigger messes.  I always feel like the thickness isn’t as easy to manipulate and I feel like I need more of them to do the same job.  Like the diapers, these wipes are missing that baby “smell” I love.

In the end, I was really happy with my mini-Seventh Generation vacation.  The diapers stood up to my little ladies surprises and the wipes passed the test.

svn gen baby

Would I buy Seventh Generation diapers?  Sure.  My eco-friendly-mommy-wants-to-save-the-world side would have no problem using these again.  These are the first diapers to receive the FSC certification from the Rainforest Alliance (that’s the Forest Stewardship Council).  In short that means that these diapers, while having 0% bleaching chemicals, are free of chlorine processing, synthetic fragrances and lotions.  And after knowing all that, I can tell you that while you probably expect a recycled paper bag of a diaper, I got a soft, comfortable and effective one.

So, take a chance and do your part, a large part, by switching your little one to Seventh Generation and sleep a little easier knowing that even though you couldn’t hop onto the cloth diaper wagon, you were able to play a part in saving the environment simply by changing your baby’s diaper.





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We were given Seventh Generation wipes and diapers to review were compensated for time to writing this post. All opinions expressed are our own and not influenced in any way.

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