Top 10 Favorite Baby Products


1. Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover Sale2.    



3.eucalyptus matress, natural crib mattress, nook, organic cotton mattress, organic crib mattress, pebble, eco baby, green baby, baby sleep system, green mattress for baby, green mattress for kids  4. 5. Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

6. Petunia Pickle Bottom Satchel7.

8. 9. 



1. Bebe au Lait nursing covers

If you are planning on nursing, a Bebe au Lait cover is a must. The quality of this nursing cover is one of the best. The have gifts sets with matching burp cloths along with other baby products.

2. Vulli Chan Pie Gnon Natural Rubber Soft Chew Toy

The same company that makes Sophie the Giraffe makes this toy. Also made in natural rubber (phthalate-free) and baby can chew it in complete safety.
This toy includes a squeaker sound and comes in 3 models: Chan, Pie and Chan.

3. Nook Sleep System Mattress

Alot of thought went into this mattress. These mattresses are designed to promote airflow and temperature regulation. The are made with 100% non-toxic and natural materials like moisture-wicking eucalyptus,microbe-resistant, anti-mite, anti-fungal all natural zinc, temperature-regulating organic cotton, and flame-retardant organic wool.

4. Nosefrieda

This nifty contraption reduces mucus in the nose, enabling babies to breathe, sleep and feed more easily with your baby is all stuffed up = a happy baby

5. Mama & Papas Snug seat

This seat is ergonomically designed for support as your baby grows.  It’s easy to clean, light weight and comes with a tray. So it is great for feedings as well is just a safe place for your baby to sit.

6.Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag

I can’t say enough good things about this bag. They are cute, functional, stylish diaper bags. They have several different styles with great features and each one looks great.

7. Citrus Lane

If you are looking for cute and practical baby stuff delivered to your door step, then you should check out Citrus Lane. For $25/month they deliver products that are picked by parents tailored to your child’s age.

8. Dr. Brown Bottles

Dr. Brown Bottles were made to reduce colic and gas in babies during feeding.  The come in BPA free plastic bottles as well as glass bottles.

9. BuggyLove Organic Stroller Cleaning Kit

There will come a time when you need to clean your baby’s stroller and this cleaning kit will help in that endeavor. It works wonders.

10. iPod

There are so many things that an iPod can do. With the apps and now different tools and gadgets to work with the iPod such as the WIFI baby monitor and Apptivity case. The iPod also grows with baby, so you can change and add apps without buying a whole another iPod.

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