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It is in women’s nature to be chic fashionistas keeping up with the latest styles. Maternity does not mean that women need to hinder their sense of style and dress in frumpy clothing. We are excited that the launch of Prelegant.com is here to save those looking to stay fashionable during the different stages of maternity; catering to those women, who recently gave birth, currently are pregnant or are on the other side of the spectrum looking to get pregnant. Prelegant is an online retailer with exclusive collections of sophisticated luxury European brands. Prelegant’s high-end European styles include apparel designed by Slacks & Co., L’Avenue des Bebes, Pompkin, Seraphine and Pour Deux.

Prelegant.com features an array of collections to help women shop for any business occasion. This elegant clothing allows women to feel professional and fashionable at client meetings, office cocktail parties, and even casual Fridays.

Pride and Joy Baby Planners Prelegant

Stockholm Suit Jacket & Chicago Trouser

Slacks & Co. Collection











Pride & Joy Baby Planners Prelegant


Pompkin Collection

Prelegant is happy to provide subscribers of Pride & Joy Baby Planners with an exclusive 15% discount code off of their entire purchase at Prelegant.com for a limited time offering. Just enter the promo code “PRIDEJOY15” at check out and enjoy your purchase!

For more information about Prelegant.com, visit www.prelegant.com.

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