Nursery Design Series: Tips To Start Decorating Your Nursery


When you are expecting, one of the best things about the waiting part is designing and setting up the nursery. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming but with these basic tips you know where to start.

1. Pick a theme
Do you have a vision for your nursery? Can you imagine your baby being surrounded with animals or animal prints? Do you vision shapes and stripes or butterflies and flowers? There are also fairy themes, owl themes and Disney themes.

2. Pick your style

Are you modern, traditional, eclectic or maybe a mixture. Once you figure that out then pick out a piece of furniture and let that be your inspiration. Most of the time it’s the crib, but it can also be the dresser, lighting, dresser or a chair.






3. Pick your colors

Picking your colors can narrow down the crib bedding and the furniture your are choosing so that you don’t get overwhelmed with all the choices available to you. Picking a color can also inspire the your nursery’s theme or patterns through out the nursery. Test the color you’ve chosen before committing to it.

4. Accessories
Think about storage and organization. Do you want to add a rug? Want to add wall decals? What about curtains and pictures?

Creating your nursery can easily become a overwhelming task, but these tips can help you start the process right and with less frustration. Don’t forget to have fun creating something beautiful for your baby.

And don’t forgot to add something personal and special to you to incorporate into your baby’s nursery.

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