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Looking for a little help on how to design your baby’s nursery, then go the Feng Shui approach. What is Feng Shui? Feng Shui is a ancient art that was developed in China. Feng Shui shows how to balance energy in a given area or space to help create good health and fortune. When Feng Shui is applied to your baby’s nursery it is believed that the creation of inspiration, happiness, good health and balance for the baby.

When applying Feng Shui to the nursery, the decisions you make are good decisions or “feel good decisions” where you are also trusting your body and emotions to help design the nursery you are creating for your baby. Here are some Feng Shui techniques and rules for your baby’s nursery to create balance and good flow of energy:

  • Choose soothing colors that are in harmony with Feng Shui
  • Lay out of the room should not be an obstacle course, create good flow
  • Avoid large objects in the center
  • Keep your baby’s crib away from the door (or inline with), window or in the middle of the room
  • Place crib in “command position” against a solid wall
  • Buy natural materials
  • Limit electronic devices
  • Place a plant or flowers by electronic devices
  • Consider a dimmer as a light source
  • Use essentials oils to cater to baby senses and fresh air

With Feng Shui it is more than creating a room or theme for your baby’s room. It’s about creating a nurturing and balanced environment for your baby’s well-being.

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