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Join Amazon Mom = FREE Amazon Prime Shipping + 20% off Diapers & Wipes for 3 months FREE!


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Click here to sign up for Amazon Mom and try it FREE for 3 months!

What Is Amazon Mom?

Amazon Mom is a free membership program aimed at helping parents and caregivers, from the prenatal days through the toddler years, use Amazon to find all the products their family needs. To join, simply sign into your Amazon account and tell us whether you are a Mom, Dad, or other caregivers of a child. By providing information about your family, you can help us personalize offers, e-mails, and product recommendations to help you find exactly what you need at just the right time.

Your kids are older than toddlers? No problem, you can still join Amazon Mom, just understand that some of the key benefits are specifically aimed at younger children (such as the 20% off diapers promotion).

What Are the Benefits?

• 20% off select diapers and wipes: Set up automatic delivery with Subscribe & Save to save 20% on diapers and wipes, which includes the 5% Subscribe & Save discount plus an additional 15% discount exclusively for Amazon Mom members who have Prime shipping benefits. Subscribe & Save items are always sent with free standard shipping, and you can cancel at any time.

• Exclusive deals: Take advantage of discounts exclusive to Amazon Mom members. Bookmark the Amazon Mom homepage and join us on Facebook to be the first to know about our deals and product recommendations.

• FREE Two-Day Shipping: Amazon Mom members qualify for 3 months of FREE Two-Day shipping with Amazon Prime.

How Do I Know if I’m Eligible?

All parents and caregivers are eligible to join Amazon Mom. To receive personalized offers, e-mails, and product recommendations based on the age and stage of your child, simply provide information about your family (name, gender, and birthday of your child, or your due date if you are expecting a child). We respect strict privacy standards with this information and never share your information with other companies.

Why Aren’t I Eligible for the Free 3-Month Offer from Amazon Mom?

If you have ever received shipping benefits through Amazon Mom, Amazon Student, or have had a free or paid Prime membership within the past 13 months, you are not eligible for the Amazon Mom free period. And since the Amazon Mom program is limited to one membership per household, this also applies to invited guests.

If you are not eligible for the free period, sign up for Amazon Prime today to receive all the benefits of Amazon Mom and Amazon Prime for $79/year.

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