Pride and Joy Baby Planners is a premier inclusive baby planning consulting and concierge company servicing the Indianapolis and surrounding cities. We provide personalized assistance and empowerment to growing families. At Pride and Joy Baby Planners we are passionate about making the most of your pregnancy. By servicing you in any way possible that we will empower you into parenthood by providing unbiased information to help you make the best choice for your family.

We can get as hands on, or hands off as you want. If you’re just looking for a little advice or you want someone to take over nearly all of the shopping, planning, and setting appointments. We can assist and cater to your needs.

Pride and Joy Baby Planners is the perfect solution for first-time moms, single parents, career women and moms on bed rest.

Pride and Joy Baby Planners isn’t just for mommies. We can help get new dads up to speed too. And don’t forget Grandma and Grandpa. Things are a lot different since the last time they changed a diaper.

We developed the idea for Pride and Joy Baby Planners during her own pregnancy, while carrying twins and working a full-time job. She became exhausted from juggling work, baby preparations and being a wife.

I was put on bed rest late in her pregnancy, leaving her overwhelmed and worried about taking care of the final preparations. She needed someone who could help with the preparations for the nursery and babies, run errands, help with the shopping; someone to talk to about her feelings, emotions and fears. She quickly realized there wasn’t much help out there for new moms who couldn’t do it all, even if they wanted to.

We has spent nearly a decade working with children, directly supporting families in the childcare field and as a personal nanny. She decided to use those same skills to help expecting moms to make their pregnancies much easier.

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